Doh! nuts!

This weekend we had a brunch at our apartment. And what better breakfast/brunch food is there in this world other than delicious, fluffy, deep-fried, donuts? I’ll tell you: delicious, fluffy BAKED donuts! You heard it, these puppies are baked instead of deep-fried. Makes you feel better about eating more than just one…or five!

The major difference between baked donuts vs. fried donuts is obviously the exclusion of oil. But to make sure your baked donuts turn out nice and fluffy, the leavening agent (in this case the baking powder) is key.

Of course being the brilliant chef that I am, I forgot to include the baking powder in my donut recipe. Take a look at these sad little donuts :(.

Donuts minus baking powder

After using a few choice words (directed towards myself of course, I decided to reboot and rebake. And boy was it well worth it!

Check out the new and improved ‘Baked Apple Cinnamon Donuts.’

Freshly Baked Apple Cinnamon Donuts

And now it’s time to top them with Cinnamon and Sugar!

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These donuts were the hit of the party! They were well worth the effort and a true representation of ‘Practice Makes Perfect!’

Full Recipe


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  1. Mehndu vada or doughnut?

  2. this look so tasty! the sugar crystals make it even more beautiful!

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