Pesto Gone Wild – Starring Avocado and Spinach

I am a huge fan of Pesto. I love it with pasta, in sandwiches on pizza, with eggs…the list goes on and on.

What I love most about pesto is not only the various ways you can use it, but also the various ways you can make it.

This particular pesto recipe features avocado and spinach as the star ingredients.

Avocado, spinach, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, lime juice and Parmesan...mouth is officially watering after listing the ingredients in this pesto recipe.

This pesto literally brightens up your meal. The beautiful color makes any dish you prepare with it more appetizing. We tossed it with spaghetti and grilled chicken and it made for a very springy meal. Don’t be fooled, it’s actually quite heavier than you would think. The creaminess of the avocado makes it feel like a real pasta sauce.

And all you folks with nut allergies, you finally have a pesto you can enjoy!


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  1. That sounds yummy yummy!! What a creative recipe. The photograph is also excellent – I’m very impressed with Neil’s mad photography skills. My Fridays are now more fun because of your posts 🙂

    • Thanks, Shim! I heard a rumor that Thanksgiving might be in ATL this year :). I’m already looking forward to baking up a storm!!

      • Awesome! I just asked my mom and she did say that we may be having Thanksgiving in the ATL! If you’re planning on baking up a storm, I may come anyway regardless and just show up on your doorstep. Your recipes are mmm mmm good!

      • Please do – anytime! We always have too much fun 🙂

  2. So creative! spinach as one of the main ingredients, dad will love this.
    Yes, Sanaya’s first Thanksgiving will be in AtL and it will be a lot of fun.
    I will call everyone soon!

  3. I have never ever made pesto before, but stumbled upon this recipe and it sounded really good. It SO is! I love how it’s really easy, quick and yet tasty, fragrant and vibrant. Thanks for this! Greetings from Holland 🙂


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