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Christmas Crafts

Remember all the fun birthday gifts I got this year? Put gift #2 (glue gun) and gift #3 (various pieces of felt) together and see what transpires!

Felt Christmas Tree

Mini Wreath Ornament

Wreath made out of Felt Rosettes

Another Mini Wreath Ornament

Flower Ornament


Meet Rufus, My Baby Headband Model

This week has been a glum week thus far. Why? Well, I’m not in Hawaii 😦 But the show must go on. In this case, the doggy show.

I’d like to give a special thanks to my favorite dog, Rufus. He did a splendid job being a model for the baby headbands I made for my cousin-in-law’s baby shower.

Rose Headband

In this picture, We have Rufus modeling a rose headband made out of red felt. The headband itself was made from elastic fabric which I bought at Hancock Fabrics.

Hydrangea Flower Headband

Here we have Rufus sporting a hydrangea flower headband made out of pink felt. Individual 12×12 felt pieces in various colors can also be found at Hancock Fabrics.

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I hope Baby Bhai likes them!

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