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Baby Love

Seems like it’s baby season right now. Every where I look my friends have just had or are having a baby. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of baking the cake and cupcakes for a friend’s baby shower. I was quite nervous with this being my first big event, but I think the end results were not too shabby.

Now for some details. I call this cake my Ruffle Cake. This particular ruffle cake was strawberry, lemon poppy seed cake filled with strawberry buttercream and iced with vanilla buttercream icing. I used a rose tip to pipe the icing and it took what felt like half my life to ice the entire cake. The cupcakes were chocolate cake filled with nutella and topped with vanilla buttercream icing.

My favorite part of the shower (besides the glowing guest of honor) was when a guest came up to me and asked me if the cupcakes were filled with nutella. After I said yes, she shook my hand and said ‘spectacular.’ I never never did find out her name but she totally made my day :).

Here are some more fun pictures:

I made little flags to top the cupcakes. The crowd favorite was ‘B is for Booger.’ I really wanted to put ‘B is for Boob’ but couldn’t get the image of kids running around the room screaming boob so I decided to leave that one out.

Since the cake was very tall (a little over 10 inches) I placed a cardboard piece in the middle of the cake so it would be essentially be a 2 tier cake when cutting. Very easy to do, just make sure you tell the person cutting the cake not to try to cut all the way through.


The ‘Crepe’d Crusader

I think I have a serious problem with puns. After this blog post I am going to put some serious thought into cutting back…..

Who am I kidding, that is never happening. Puns are just so punny!

What’s not funny though is how incredibly easy it is to make these delicious crepes (without a crepe maker!).

Strawberry Nutella Crepes

These Strawberry Hazelnut Crepes made for a nice impromptu brunch this weekend. What is great about crepes is that you most likely have all the ingredients you need to make them sitting in your pantry. The illusion of complexity that is invoked from the name ‘crepes’ is a good ploy used by crepe-maker marketers to intimidate mankind (and make you ‘crepe’ in your pants), but really they are simply simple.

Flour, eggs, salt, butter and milk are all you need for this easy crepe batter. Crepe batter is very thin and easy to pour. The kind of pan you use will be important. It's best to use a non-stick pan that has shallow sides.

Immediately after you pour the batter, lift up the pan and spread it around allowing the batter to coat the entire pan. Cook the crepes on medium heat for no more than a couple of minutes on each side.

Your crepes will be thin and delicate. In order to spread the hazelnut spread without tearing the crepe, heat up the spread for about 30 seconds before spreading it onto the crepe.

Organize the strawberries from the outside in.

Fold the crepe over so that you can see some of the strawberries peaking out. Sift powdered sugar on the crepe and all around the edges of your plate.

Garnish with a few more slices of strawberries. And then eat the 'crepe' out of them!

Hazelnut Holiday Kisses

It’s that time of year again…you know, when the Christmas spirit is upon us and you spend every weekend going to holiday parties. Some parties you want to go to and others not so much. Let’s face it, sometimes you’d much rather be at home watching reruns of the Home Alone movies (even the third one).

This time of year, I love trying out new baked goodies that I can bring as my ‘hostess gift.’ This year, I thoroughly enjoyed making these Hazelnut Holiday Kiss Cookies.

This was definitely a fun recipe. I classify recipes as being ‘fun’ any time I get to use my standing mixer :).

Creaming together the butter, 2 sugars and nutella...you heard me...nutella!

Adding the dry ingredients. I've learned that it really does make a difference in baking when you add the combined dry ingredients in after creaming the wet ingredients.

Just look at this fantastic batter!

I was shocked at how much these 1.5 inch rolled balls expanded.

Right before they are completely baked, you pull the pan out of the oven and stick a Hershey Kiss in the middle of the cookie. Then you put the cookies back in the oven to finish baking.

Wah Lah! You have yourself a 'kiss' ass hostess gift!

Note: This recipe makes A LOT of cookies (30ish). So you may want to cut the recipe in half. Or you can always do what we did. Make the full recipe, skip a few of the holiday parties and eat the extras while watching Kevin get into all sorts of shenanigans! I really love that movie…

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