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Are You Ready For Some Football?!

These game day cupcakes are ready for a win tomorrow!

Fun Super Bowl themed cupakes!

Cupcake #1 is a vanilla cupcake topped with green turf made out of vanilla buttercream frosting and garnished with a chocolate football.

Cupcake #2 is also a vanilla cupcake but this time I used a chocolate buttercream frosting. The left over frosting was piped directly into my mouth :).

Happy Super Bowl weekend and Go New York Giants!


Apple Pie Cupcakes

I spent some time trying to think of a clever name for this blog post. But then I realized, why waste time on words when the pictures say it all!

Apple Pie Cupcakes!

These Apple Pie Cupcakes, for a lack of a better word/phrase, are off the chain! I mixed and matched from three different recipes and then added my own little flare. I’ve tasted each ‘piece of the pie’ separately (I heart my puns so much!) – the vanilla cake, the apple mixture and the cinnamon icing. Tonight we’ll see what the entire package tastes like! Keep you posted.

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